January 13, 2021

Vision Sunday: Released from the old to live in the new.

Passage: Revelation 21:1-7

God declares that He is making all things new. The word “new” means new in nature and quality, rather than new in time. This means God is renewing all things. This includes both future newness and present newness. In the future, God will renew the entire universe. While our future universe will still resemble this present universe, it will be perfected. Our future world will no longer be subject to death and decay. Also, the human race will be fully renewed and redeemed. We will receive a new resurrected body that will live forever, and human nature will be perfected so that there will be relational peace, love, unity and goodness. But this newness can also be presently experienced when we live under the Lordship of Jesus. When we submit ourselves to Jesus’ way of living and believe His promises, we will experience ongoing inner renewal.