June 28, 2020

Understanding Spiritual Gifts: The Power Gifts (Part 1)

Speaker: Pastor Peter Kenniphaas | Series: Understanding Spiritual Gifts | Spiritual gifts are given to manifest God to others for the purpose of building up the church in unity and spiritual maturity. But each spiritual gift manifests God uniquely. The spiritual gifts can be categorized into love, word and power gifts. Love gifts manifest the love of God in practical ways. Word gifts manifest the nature, action and purposes of God. Power gifts manifest the power, presence and reality of God. In one sense all the spiritual gifts are power gifts, but here we are designating some gifts as power gifts because they evidence God’s power in a moment to prove and demonstrate that God is actually real and is working among us through the Gospel of Jesus. Some of the power gifts (healing, miracles, words of knowledge) focus around the hope of God’s promise of redemption and the renewal of the heavens and the earth. They demonstrating the reality of the future promise of the new heaven and earth into the here and now. They are powerful reminders that while we live in a fallen world characterized by suffering, sickness and death, God will one day raise us bodily from the dead into new heavens and a new earth.