October 25, 2020

Studies in Philippians “Pressing Forward in Christ”

Passage: Philippians 3:12-18

Bible Text: Philippians 3:12-18 | Speaker: Pastor Peter Kenniphaas | Series: spiritual power, Studies in Philippians | There is great power that comes through focused energy. The Apostle Paul teaches that power in the Christian life results through having a single minded focus. He expresses this idea as pressing on to take hold of that which Christ took hold of us. This expression means to pursue something with great focus and intensity that takes hold of every part of our life. But what is the Christian’s focus and goal? The Apostle Paul calls this the prize (Philippians 3:14). The prize is the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:8). The secret to living the Christian life is to gather up all that we are, and all that we have and push it towards the goal of knowing the goodness and glory of Jesus as our Saviour and Lord.

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