February 16, 2020

Ransomed and Released to Serve

Passage: Mark 10:32-45

Bible Text: Mark 10:32-45 | Speaker: Pastor Peter Kenniphaas | Series: Saved to Serve | Jesus modelled a servant lifestyle for His disciples and taught it extensively, yet His disciples seemed incapable of receiving and grasping it. On two occasions when Jesus revealed to His disciples He was going to die for them, they began to argue among themselves who was the greatest. How are we to understand their inability to receive and grasp the principle of servanthood? Jesus told His disciples that He was going to serve them by giving His life as a ransom. Their need to be ransomed implies bondage and slavery. The Bible reveals that humankind’s spiritual slavery is deep and comprehensive. It is this slavery that blinds us and prevents us from receiving and grasping Jesus’ teaching on servanthood. But once we are ransomed by Jesus and set free from spiritual slavery, we are given an incredible capacity for servanthood. The degree to which we understand the price Jesus paid to set us free is the degree to which we will be willing and able to serve others.

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