February 14, 2021

Looking for Love

Passage: Genesis 29:1-35

On Valentine’s day each year, we celebrate love, romantic, mushy, love. But we know that in reality, love isn’t as easy as often portrayed on Valentine’s day. Real love is messy, it’s raw, and you have to work at it. Through the story of Jacob, Leah, and Rachel, we discover that God is all about making messy things beautiful. It is the story of the wedding that never should have happened. It’s awkward, and weird, and messy! It’s hard to read this story without feeling a little bit bad for Leah. She so desperately strived to be loved and validated by her husband Jacob. But we see that Leah learned a very important lesson, that it is God who validates her, and accepts her, and ultimately, who loves her the most. God used Leah – the unloved wife of Jacob to be a part of the lineage of Christ. Through the birth of Christ, God would show his supreme love for mankind through dying for us… a messy, broken, people. In the same way God validated and loved Leah, so Jesus would validate and love each one of us, even when we feel unlovable.