March 8, 2020

Freedom to Serve

Passage: Galatians 5:1-15

Bible Text: Galatians 5:1-15 | Speaker: Pastor Peter Kenniphaas | Series: Saved to Serve | MESSAGE SUMMARY

The freedom from the power of sin that we receive through our union with Jesus Christ is key to living a life of servanthood. Given the importance of our freedom, we should expect our freedom will come under attack. In Galatians 5, we are warned that it is possible to lose or misuse our freedom in Christ. All Christians are waiting for the future hope of righteousness where everything will be made good and right. But waiting can be challenging, especially as we continue to live with many things that are wrong in our lives. Waiting can make us vulnerable to attack, where we may be tempted to compromise our commitment to Jesus. Our calling in these moments is to stand firm by waiting in faith by the Holy Spirit for the hope of universal rightness (Galatians 5:5). Misusing our freedom happens where we give sin a place in our lives, which leads us to act selfishly, using and abusing others. In these situations, we should repent and renounce our sin and recommit ourselves to using our freedom to serve others in love.

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