February 2, 2020

Called to Serve

Passage: John 13:1-17

Bible Text: John 13:1-17 | Speaker: Pastor Peter Kenniphaas | Series: Saved to Serve | The desire for greatness is a natural desire. Everyone wants to see something significant happen in their lives, and everyone wants to do something significant with their lives. The disciples of Jesus were discussing the subject of greatness as they approached Jerusalem (Mark 9:34). Jesus didn’t criticize their desire for greatness, but He did challenge their understanding of greatness. Jesus taught that in the kingdom of God, greatness is measured by the degree to which someone is willing to serve and sacrifice for others. Jesus provided a powerful illustration of this principle during the Last Supper when He took off His outer clothing and washed the disciples’ feet. Through this act, Jesus modelled that serving love doesn’t focus on the receiving of dignity, but on giving dignity to others. Jesus also modelled that serving love doesn’t criticize people for their problems but helps them in their problems. When we understand that Jesus served us in our need in an ultimate way through the cross, this gives us the power to be willing to serve others in their need.


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