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Witnessing to Others

Jesus invites us to join Him in His mission to bring the good news message into our world (Matthew 28:16-20). Every one of us has been sovereignly placed in a unique setting where God calls us to represent Him and His kingdom in both our words and actions.

We believe that while we are called to represent Jesus to our world as individuals, we are more effective when we do this together. As a church, we often go out into our community and world to serve and bless others in mission. The early church did this, and as a result, they enjoyed the favour of people outside the church (Acts 2:47). Engaging in mission is how we share and grow in God’s love for our broken and lost world.


– Be a part of an annual mission trip team.

– Serve in a community outreach ministry with our local partners.

– Receive outreach and evangelism ministry training.


For more information on any of these opportunities, please call the church office at 705-745-8564.